Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Gym

Yesterday at the gym my ipod ran out of batteries and it so sucks when that happens. I was in the middle of my Jessica Simpson workout (courtesy of the most reliable new source- US Magazine) so I didn't want to stop. It did give me a chance to observe the people there. Here are some of the few characters that go to my gym.

The Smoker Lady- I could smell her coming before she even got to the treadmill next to me. I guess I have not heard, but you should smoke 5 cigarettes before you work out then spray yourself with floral body spray to mask the scent. So gross!
The Pretty Girl- Perfect hair, perfect make-up, perfect boobs, and a tube top to the gym. I have now solved the mystery of how you can run with a tube top on- get fake boobs :)
The Meathead- The guy who in between reps and flexs in the mirror has not taken his off the girl in the tube top.
The Old Man Perv- I watched this guy sit on a machine for 10 minutes and he didn't use it at all. All he did was check out the asses of every girl that walked by.
Me- No make-up, rolled out of bed hair in a ponytail, husbands white t-shirt and Target work out pants, mouthing the words to all the songs playing in her ear, and sweating like a pig.

I now know why people spend at least $30 a month for the gym. Not only to they get a work out, but is cheap entertainment. I should run out of batteries more often :)

Thanks for reading!