Monday, April 04, 2005

Hot Mamas

So here is a picture I promised. Me (the blonde) and my best friend Summer (the brunette) She is also my diet buddy and she looked so awesome! I am amazed too at how straight my hair can get when it is burned my a hair straigtener. I have an amazing group of girlfriends and they made me so happy this birthday. Now another year is ahead of me and we will have to see what it brings :)

Other than my night out, nothing is really going on here. Have to get back on track with my diet since I went a little off this weekend. I am trying to be good, but I finding that a little slacking can revert me back to my old eating ways. I just need my head to talk to my stomach and then things will be good. It is just hard when all the left over Easter candy is around. Damn Bunny!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and braved Monday. Thanks for reading!