Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It is &^*%^&% official

My worst nightmare has come true and I just knew this day would come and I would be so screwed!! I am about to cry about right now!! Julia has officially stopped taking naps :( Yes, my life is changed forever! It has been a slow process, giving up one or two days of a nap, but yesterday it was the third day in a row and there was no way I was getting her down. I have had friends who have told me the horrors of the No Nap Kid, but I wasn't worried. Julia was still taking these wonderful 2 hours naps, and going to sleep by 8:30 pm. Yesterday by 4 pm I wanted to run far far away. Luckily around 7:45 pm she was done and it was super easy to put her to bed. So I guess I am in the No Nap Kid Club from now on. A membership I don't want to pay for, yet must. Prey for me :)