Monday, August 14, 2006

5 Months

The Mini-Princess is 5 months old today and I am actually writing a post on the actual day. Mommy is getting good :) Anyway, I tried to take cute pictures, but Samantha has learned that she doesn't have to lie there anymore while I take them. This girl is ready to crawl! I just know I am going to find something in her mouth like a Polly Pocket shoe or a Lego because she has scooted her way over to Julia's toys. She also has begun to sit up with the support of her arms. I can't wait for that because that means I can put her in the grocery cart instead of lugging around that 50 lb. infant seat.

She has been eating baby food for about 2 weeks now and she loves it. Her little legs kick when she even sees me bring out the spoon. It is just a dinner time thing and let me tell you- makes her sleep till 7 am every morning! Gotta love that! In a month of two she will be demanding steak and baked potatos for dinner. And secretly I always taste what falls on my fingers just to make sure it is okay :)

Well my baby Samantha- Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy love you very much! We are all waiting to see the little lady you are to become. Thanks for making me a better mommy the last 5 months!