Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm Filing a Complaint

I am trying to fill out my complaint form for the Motherhood Department because I am officially done. When I applied to this program, I was fully aware of the terrible two's, teething, tantrums, doctor visits, etc., but I was not prepared or told that a four year old can have just has much sass and attitude as an teenager. Is there something called the terrible fours? Please let me know if you have found a cure for this condition because I will do anything at this point (hmm...a lock on the her bedroom door sounds nice) I try to not get to this point, but I am defeated and really have no strength to go back into battle. Maybe if I back off for a couple of days it will run it's course?? I am checking the box on this form for need a break- hopefully my desperation will show and they will grant me one??