Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crack for Kids

The other day I purchased "Punky Brewster" on DVD for the girls to watch. It was something I didn't miss as a child and it was so sweet and innocent I though they would enjoy it. Well Sammie told me yesterday when she woke up "I want Punky Brewster right now!" and Julia is rewarded with watching a couple of episodes after her homework is done. It's like crack for kids- who would have thought! Oh and the best part is they have bonus features that have the cartoon they did about the show. I watched that too- she had an magical friend named "Gloamer" I just love the fact that they are enjoying a show that was one of my favs. Wonder if they will ever come out with "Silver Spoons" on DVD? Now I can't wait till I can bust out the "Beverly Hills 90210" DVDs out and they can love Dylan Mckay as much as I did :)