Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Newest Adventure

Well I have not posted for a while since really there is nothing new at all going on the The Mommy Files household. We did get a new kitten named Freddy who fell from the upstairs banister last night- one of his lives gone :) We had a blast at Summer's and is so sad she is moving since I will not see her till October. Other than that its hot and we are tan and "pooled" out.

I have decided though that I am not completely cut out for this "Stay at Home Mom" thing. Don't get me wrong, I know I am lucky that I do and I have had 6 years at home that I would never change. But I did go to college and never really had the time to do something with my education. I need something that is flexible and makes a little money, so I have a friend who is a substitute teacher and I thought "Hey I can do that". I loved volunteering in Julia's class last year and I think that it would be a fun way to make money. So I am on a mission to study and take the CBEST in October. So we will see. I do love being home with the girls, but this will give me an opportunity to do something that will not totally interfere with their lives and use that expensive college education my parents paid for.

So that is it. Blog finally updated. Hopefully I will get more motivated to do so more often :)