Friday, February 10, 2006

Ear Infection Anyone??

Why is it that children have a knack for waiting to 4 pm to tell you that their ear hurts and by then the doctor's office is closing and you have to go to the nasty Urgent Care in your neighborhood? Then you find out that your new insurance that you thought was going to be so good has a co-pay of $85.00 for antibiotics. Then you wait at the pharmacy for an hour till you have to walk up and remind them that you have been waiting and she says "Oh I thought you were picking it tomorrow." Then you wait another 15 minutes while having 2 contractions and you do not get home till 8 pm. Then you remember that you have to wash some clothes if you actually want anything to wear for tomorrow since you have limited maternity clothing and have to do all of that before you get to sit down. Then you read this morning that one of your favorite bloggers is having a health crisis and you realize that you have nothing to complain about.

Thank God it is Friday :)