Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Wow- I have not updated in a while. Was I busy? Doesn't feel like I was! Anyway, my husband and I made a headboard this weekend for our bed. I wish I could show you a picture! It is massive- maybe a little too big (36 inches from the top of the bed!!). It looks like a bed that you would find in a penthouse suite. It grows on me everyday so I will get used to it!

So most of Julia's little play friends are sick so we have been staying in the last two days! My friend Leila told me that there are 16 different virus kids are supposed to get before they are 2!! Poor babies! Let the "Circle of Sick" continue!!! Just please stay away from my house for the time being- I am over my kid being sick!

Glad to say that my best friend Summer will be moving to CA in the next couple of months! She has been to Oregon and the rain too long! I am excited because that mean maybe our kids will be able to hang out together more often! So Summer- we are happy and it is time you came home!

Well have a good Tuesday!