Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Sorry I am so lagging at this thing lately. I guess there has been nothing too exciting happening in my life. It is still hot out here, which limits activity for us. My husband built a sandbox for Julia over the weekend. It is huge (10x10) that I can sit in my beach car while she buries my feet in the sand. The only drawback is that now there is sand all over my house- even in our bed!! It is great though!

We are going to celebrate my in-laws 45th wedding anniversary this weekend. I get to see my sister in law, who I adore! We also get to have fancy brunch at the Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica. I just can not imagine being married for that long! Not that I don't want too, but I have only been married for almost 4 years and even that seems like a long time. I guess you really get to know someone after all that time. I think that it is wonderful and they are still so in love!

Well I am off to get stuff for dinner! Thanks for reading!