Thursday, April 16, 2009

Potty Training Sucks!

Well I am at the point again in my life where I am the Princess of Potty. Sammie was right there for at least 2 months, then they moved her into another class at preschool and I feel like we are starting all over again. When I look back on Julia, I can not tell you how I potty trained her because honestly she did it herself. Sammie on the other hand has proven to not be so inclined. I realize that they all have their own timing on this sort of thing, but she knows what she is doing- she just chooses not to. So I am kinda back to square one. Asking, reminding, telling, sometimes raising my voice, all to get her to sit on the potty. I will soon revisit every bathroom in town, making sure they are all convenient for when she has to go. So please wish me luck- she needs to be fully potty trained for our next and VERY cheap preschool (see why I am stressing) I hope soon I will be the Princess of Panties instead :)