Sunday, April 12, 2009

7 years

Today you turned 7. 7 I say! Wow has time gone by. I remember the first night that we had brought you home from the hospital and how your Daddy and I just stared at you. You cried for the next three months straight :) I could have never imagined the kind of little girl you would become. You love all the girlie stuff that I do- makeup, clothes, listening to Hannah Montana as loud as we can in the car. Yet you have your rough and tumble side- riding your bike, playing with the boys. You take after your Dad with your artistic abilities (because I have none) and we are so impressed with all that you have learned this year. I love when you cry during the sad parts in movies or how you must pet every animal you come in contact with. You are so much like me in so many ways that it is hard to stay mad at you. I always wanted a little girl and you were my wish come true. Thank you so much for making my life, along with your Daddy's and Sissy's life complete. We love you and hope that your birthday was one to remember. I love you!