Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Gift Card

So I think I have mentioned this several times before in the 5 years of this blog, but I have a teeny tiny addiction to clothes. Not expensive ones, just clothes. I have a small affection for t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, and jeans. I have been so many different sizes during the last 7 years that I bet I have clothed some of the people in the town I live in with all my Goodwill donations. I still have my very first suit that I paid like $300 when I had a job. Anyway, Jon and I have been on a budget due to the messed up economy, so my clothes addiction was put on hold for several months. So I decided that I would collect all the gift cards I had in my wallet or dresser and see if there was money left on them. Sure enough, I had about $150 at various places, and even $20 at Starbucks. So the other day I went shopping for the first time just for me and I used those gift cards and some of the ones I got for Christmas, and didn't spend a thing. Now this may not be so exciting to you or seem silly, but for me not to spend money was not easy to get used to so I think it's amazing! So I suppose the whole point to this story is find those gift cards because you may be surprised :)