Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Post

So I have been told that I need to update my blog. You mean a picture post doesn't count? They are too cute to look at least.

Julia started first grade on Wednesday. She is in total "school" heaven. I am in total "all day school gone till 3 pm" heaven. I have already been hit up by the PTA to volunteer and be on some committee. Not sure if I want to be a part of the committee, but I will volunteer any time. Something about a room full of catty women scare me. I am afraid of getting sucked into some drama I really don't want to be a part of. I mean I do that in my everyday life so don't need anymore. Julia also got the teacher that we wanted so that made me very excited. She is young, cute, but from what I hear hardcore. I like hardcore- means they will learn something. Other than that it's been a good week :) Sam misses Julia terribly when she is gone though. But once they are together they fight so I don't get that whole thing. I wonder if I ever missed my brother?

Jon's work has finally settled down too. He was pulling 70 hour work weeks for the past month. We actually watched a movie together the other night. It was great! Then he took the day off and we all went to the beach. Julia figured out how to use the boogey board and she was on that thing for 4 hours. I also went in the water all the way which I probably have not done in 10 years. Fear of what lives in the water, but I had to be out there for Julia so I was having a good time. Just a reminder though how much I hate sand in my bathing suit.

Well that is my update. See why I don't update all the time- I am just that boring :) Hope you are all having a good rest of the Summer :)