Friday, June 15, 2007

Like a Dumbass

So I was reading Cosmo and I came across an article about taking the pill. It said that I didn't have to have a period and I can just keep taking my active pills and I wouldn't get one. Well this made perfect sense to me and since Cosmo is full of smart and truthful information (ha ha ha) I decided I would try it. Well guess what? You can't trick your body that has been doing the same thing since you were 13 years old- with and without the pill. So I have had 2 periods in 2 weeks. The first one a week after my little experiment of not giving my body that week break of the pill and one now because I am done with the pack of pills I used and so its logical that I would get a period. So yeah for me!! I am bloated, tired, crabby, and best part I have broken out all over my face. So like a dumbass I thought I could fool the system. So I guess I should stop taking Cosmo's advice. Yet I really wanted to try the "10 Best Things you can do for your Husband in Bed" :)