Monday, May 21, 2007

Gyno, Waxing, and Diets- Oh My!!!

Today I get to visit the world's cutest Gynecologist. He delivered Samantha so he has seen it all and then some. Still makes me nervous though. I seem to always get stuck with the ones that are my age and cute! Well whatever I will deal. I am also doing the big waxing again this week. Why you ask? Because it was awesome. I mean the actual waxing part sucks, but I loved the results. It definitely worked in this house :) And then there is the diet I am starting today. The Drama Mama and I have done this before and we both lost 43 lbs! Luckily I do not weigh as much as I did back then, so another 40 lbs, I will be hot! Anyway, wish me some luck on my week adventures :)