Thursday, March 29, 2007

No Reason to Complain, but Sometimes You Have To

So it is my birthday this weekend and Jon is taking me on a much needed mommy break. We are spending the weekend in Palm Springs, CA. I plan on sitting on my booty and getting me some sun! So why am I so stressed out right now? Well for one, Sam is sick AGAIN!! This will be the 5th time she will go in for her ears. Is anyone listening when I say she needs to go she a specialist?? Nope. The nurse at the doctor's office even pointed out to me that I have been there an awful lot lately. Uh duh?? No one is listening to me!! So I plan on making it very clear today at her appointment that I want action. I also get to clean my house, fold the biggest pile of laundry in the world, pack, change my sheets, change the girls sheets, and do what I can to make it easier for my mom when she comes. So yeah I am a little stressed and I don't want to be. Please tell me that I can be Super Mom today and handle this in peace :)