Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Results

So yesterday was horrible! They has to stick 116 needles in Julia's small little back all filled with something that she could be allergic to. It was pure torture- I cried right along with her (well she screamed, I cried) It was amazing to see what people can be allergic too- everything from geese to vanilla. Well it turns out she is allergic to most pollens, trees, mold, and the best horses, dogs, cows, cockroaches, and green peppers. Good thing we don't live on a farm. The solution the doctor suggested- 4 years of 5 rounds of shots 2 times a week. Make sense?? 208 shots a year for 4 years. Um...yeah you can kiss my ass on that. I would do it if lets say she can't breathe, but she just gets her normal sickness during those times and it goes away. She will be on Claritin for the rest of her childhood I am sure, but that to me is better than shots for 4 years. I just could never do that to my girl. So anyway, that is how it went yesterday. We did take her to Target and purchased her whatever Polly Pocket she wanted (I hate those toys)

I hope everyone has a good day!