Saturday, October 07, 2006

Question? I Might Get Slammed for this One

Okay- my 19 year old neighbor is pregnant. I am not one to judge, but this is a total case of "I told you so." So anyway, I was invited to her baby shower next weekend. Jon and I will be out of town so I can not attend. When Samantha was born someone gave me a bath seat. We already had one so I never took it out of the box and used it. Would it be so bad to re-gift that?? I checked her registries and she does not have one on there. I also have some really cute Carter sleepers with tags still on them that I thought I could wrap up too. Am I being totally bad? I mean besides you guys, no one will ever know. Will I my karma come back to haunt me?? Help!!!


PS As I am writing this, Samantha is pulling herself up on my chair. At almost 7 months pulling herself up! I am so screwed even if me re-gifting presents doesn't get me first :)