Monday, June 19, 2006

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Well we are back!! And boy did we have tons of fun! I love when my husband just lets loose and is carefree! We ate at some great restaurants,had too much to drink both nights, and spent so quality time together (wink,wink) It was a well deserved get away for the both of us. And my mom said the girls were fantastic which makes the weekend even more worth it! Now it is back to reality and laundry. I have to wash everything in my suitcase because it smells of Vegas. I also have to hug and kiss both my ladies because I missed them so much!

Little Samantha turned 3 months last week, and like last time I am taking my sweet time with her deserved blog entry. She is just the best baby! She weighs 13lb. 8 oz- that was 2 weeks ago so I bet we are pushing 14 now. She has those buttery legs that you just want to take a bite out of! She now is officially rolling over so she can not be left on any furniture. We also discovered that she is ticklish and laughs her head off when you get her in the right spot. This is to much amusement for Julia since she loves to make her smile and laugh. She has been sleeping almost through the night and I still wake up 2-3 times to check on her. I have to- I'm a mom! I just feel so blessed everyday that there is this tiny person in our lives. She has made the transition to two children so easy and I will never forget that. I just can't wait too see what kind of a person she grows up to be :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I look forward to reading all about :)