Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mommy Needs a Vacation

As I was in labor with Samantha, Jon said to me "If you birth this baby before midnight I will give you whatever you want." This was purely selfish on his part since he wanted to go home and sleep and little did he know that I was for sure going to make him give me whatever I wanted! The doctor, nurse, and my mother were witness to this, so at 10:23 pm I pushed out our second child. Now I could of had diamonds, but I already have those. I could of had cash, but that would be weird to get paid for having a baby :) So I chose to go to one of my favorite places- Las Vegas! Now you may wonder why is that my favorite place? Well Mommy loves the lights and excitement. Has nothing to do with gambling because Jon and I are horrible at that. It is just a place where you can eat, drink , and be merry :) You also might wonder how I could leave my 3 month old daughter. Well she will be here with my mother and grandmother and I can not think of anyone else who can do it better (other than my MIL) She is also a pretty easy baby so I am not concerned. Julia is a pro at having someone watch her. She already has plans for my mom :) So Jon and I are off to Las Vegas tomorrow for a couple of days to enjoy each other, sleep, eat in restaurants that don't serve chicken fingers, and have a couple cocktails. Mommy needs and deserves a vacation :)