Monday, January 23, 2006

On My Own

Well the hubby left last night for training for the whole week. This time I think I was not so anxious about it and I have come to terms with being a single mom for a week. But boy when he gets back he will be seeing my dust as I go to the spa or something really expensive and extravagant :) Also my Grandma is coming on Thursday and we are going to drive to my Mom's to spend the night. At least I know then I can sit for 2 minutes while they get my child her juice. I just really have a high affection for women who do this all on their own :)

In other not so exciting news, I have been having contractions lately and boy do they hurt! I am sure they are braxton hicks ones, but I don't remember them hurting. I go to the doctor on Wednesday so I think I should mention it. With all the weird complaining I do I am sure he will just tell me that I am fine.

So that is me. Nothing new, nothing exciting. Oh well- maybe I will just have to make something up :)