Monday, January 09, 2006

The Name Game

Yesterday I had a little (tiny I swear) pregnancy related episode because I still not 100% set on the name we chose for this baby girl. First, my mom does not like it (yes she even made a face) and I think it is growing on my Mother in Law, but I can tell she is trying to get used to it. Second, the name Julia was so great when we picked it, I don't really get that same fuzzy feeling I did with this name. So what is a girl to do besides stress over a name for a child that is not even here yet?? Well, you guys are always so helpful- give me some ideas :) I figured it needs to be something old fashioned so that it fits with Julia. We also have a very short last name so it needs to have at least 2 syllables in it. Please- I am desperate :)