Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Update

Well things have been pretty well in The Mommy Files household. Nothing too exciting. Here is a little update so that I actually have a post! The goal is do this everyday (or every other day realistcally lol)

Sammie had her third brithday this month. It made me very sad to see my last baby turn three. In my mind I know I am done having children, but in my heart I will always miss that little tiny baby I once had. We had a HUGE jumpy that we had to put in the park across the street from my house because it was so big. The kids loved it! Both of them passed out around 7 that night and it's very rare for that to happen. Sammie has grown into quite a little girl. She says things sometimes and I am like "Did you really just say that?" She told me the other day "Mommy I have had a long day." I thought that was the cutest thing I have ever heard! She has a slight obession with lip gloss so I have to hide them. I swear she is going to have a lip gloss ball in her stomach because in all honestly I think more goes in her mouth than on her lips. She is just a funny little thing and really wants to be a big girl!

Julia will be 7 in two weeks. Now if I gave birth to a Little Princess this would be it! She is very good actually, but sooooo girly! I bought her high heeled sandles the other day and you would have thought they were gold! She has to pick out her clothes to match her earrings and I have to force her to wear tennis shoes to school. I just look at her and think how beautiful she is- then I think I am in so much trouble when she is a teenager. She has become such a little artist over the past 2 years that I am thinking she will be using that in her future (well I hope she does) She also likes to watch me cook so maybe that will be one of her passions. She is just a joy and I am glad to be her Mommy :)

Jon has been in court for the last 3 weeks on a trial. He was so nervous at first, but he really got into it. They had to call it a mistrial because of one person that refused to change thier mind. So much for all that! He is now adjusting to life back in the office since they moved him to the new buliding. He is also very spoiled since the new office is 3 miles from home and he has a wife to make him lunch everyday!

As for me, I have become a gym rat. I work out 4 times a week at least and I love every second of it. I also started seeing a Dietian so that I can get my eating on track. As of today it is Day 71 and I have lost almost 19 bls. I feel so good! Yet going down in sizes has made shopping too much fun which is good and bad. I am just happy to make a lifestyle change since diabetes and heart diease runs in my family. I hope within the next year to run a half marathon then maybe on to a full one. We will see! Hard to run with boobs :)

Well that is about it. All updated! I hope to get back into the swing of things :) Thank you for reading :)