Monday, February 18, 2008

The Day Off

Well like others there is no school today and it is either a fantastic thing or a totally horrible thing. They both just woke up so I have not been able to gage what kind of day it will be so far. My children are the type that if we stay home all day then they will drive me and each other crazy. I can not go to the gym because Sam has a snotty nose and I hate to that mom that brings sick kids where there are other kids. I can put $100 down though and say that she will not be the only one in the gym daycare with a cold, but I would still be worried about it. Let's pray for sun so at least a trip to the park can happen. Shopping is out of the question becuase Julia is at the age where she thinks she should have something in every store we go into to. It could be a store filled with bags of nails and she will ask over and over if she can have some. So I am playing Mary Poppins today and coloring, painting, playing Barbies, watching kid TV, in hopes that this day off is a pleasent one (just wish I had some chalk drawings to jump into). At least till this afternoon when Julia goes to the doctor for a checkup and realizes she will be getting a chicken pox shot. That is when you know what will hit the fan....