Thursday, July 12, 2007

I know I know I suck so bad at this blogging thing

Ok so its been a long ass time. I know. I feel bad. I feel even worse that I really have nothing new and exciting to talk about. Which then makes me sad cause it means I have no life :) But then it could also mean that things are so good that nothing to talk about is good? Either way I should at least be updating my blog every once and a while. I am sure I have lost most of my readers do to the fact that the last two posts have been pictures :) They are good pictures though.

Today I am getting my IUD. A little nervous. And I am having issues with the fact that they wanted to do it while I was on my period and so my thought is how am I going to be sitting on the table with nothing but a paper gown and nothing on protecting the mess down there. Yes that might be WAY too much info, but I am a girl and most of you are girls so I bet you would think the same thing. So anyway that is happening today. No kids for me for 5 years and I am totally ok with that.

Alright well there you have it. My VERY boring life and now you all know that I am on my period :) So what is going on with you? Please tell me!!