Sunday, December 18, 2005

Such a Mom

The Hubby and I have been realizing lately that there is going to be another person in this family and we have to start making some room around here. You see, the Hubby is what you might call a "pack rat". Now it is not like you have to call the show "Clean Sweep" and have them haul a whole bunch of crap away, he just has things in boxes in our garage that I am sure we could do without (Denim jumpsuit w/ hand painted "Grateful Dead" logo on it) Anyway, in this realization we also noticed that our SUV, that was promised to hold 6 people does not do the job. The front seats have to put pulled all the way forward in order to get a car seat in the back. Not good when there will be 2 seats back there and I have to drive. So yesterday we decided that it was time for the dreaded mini-van. We searched, called, dealed, and walked away with this:

It was the easiest thing I think we have ever done and we got an awesome deal on it. So now I am "officially" a Mom. I can now fit in with all the over moms at preschool :) Now I think I am going to convince my SIL to get one so I don't have to be the only "cool" mom driving one :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!