Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's Official

Today is day 5 of me feeling better. I am sure as I write this post I will be jinxing myself, but the last 5 days have been heaven. I can eat and believe me I have been eating everything I want! It is funny to go from 9 months of watching what I eat to eating the things I wanted to eat that entire time. Newman-O's Hint of Mint Cookies- oh my god! Those are like the best things I have ever eaten. And I made butterscotch pudding last night and that was super tasty. I think this kid is going to be my sweet tooth. When I was pregnant with Julia I wanted salty things- bologna, bean and cheese burritos, chips and salsa. So maybe this means there is a little man growing in there- don't know. I am just happy to feel somewhat normal again. Now I just have to get my hair and my face fixed and I am good to go :)


PS Thanks for all your prayers for Tom. It gets a little easier day by day. I had a great conversation with my Grandma last night about him and it made me feel so much better.